Pearly Girl by Claudia S.

Materials: linen fabric, yarn, lace, beads, wooden frame.

I hae learned to embroider a couple of months ago, and this is my first significant attempt at a more elaborate work. This is an embroidery piece using white yarn, white and pearly beads, and a brazilian lace called "renda renacenca" (translates as "Renaissance Lace"). The base fabric is a piece of vintage linen.

The design is based on a picture of Pearl, posted on flickr.

I chose a monochrome look because I thought it would be a good representation of Pearl's softness and serene beauty. However, for contrast, I have chosen a darker but neutral base - so I guess it is actually a duotone piece. I have placed the embroidery on a simple white photo frame because I believe it is a versatile choice: it can be placed on a shelf, a table, or with a little adjustment, it can hang on a wall.

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