Journey to the Sea by Lynsee B.

Materials: Hemp twine, Small Hemp beads

I began making hemp jewelry three years ago, and when I stumbled (quite literally) upon photos of your dolls I was immediately intrigued. I almost jumped out of my skin when I learned I could win one of these beautiful dolls.

At first, I couldn't think of anything artistically worthy of actually winning the contest and spent three days in brainstorming despair. I reread the rules and entry requirements and it dawned on me that I could make hemp. I have been experimenting with pretzel knots and I was really pleased with the dimension it brought to my jewelry. The necklace and beadless bracelet and anklet feature pretzel knots.

This set was inspired by Kia the Water Nymph; she strikes me as being in tune with nature and I feel that hemp jewelry has an organic look. I tried to make the jewelry small enough for her, but I couldn't find hemp that was thin enough. The turtle pendant came from a cell phone charm. I got it as a gift and would never use it as an accessory to my cell phone; it is just too pretty to be subjected to the jostling and trauma of a typical day in the life of my phone. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy your gift.

Happy Birthday.

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