by Aidanfer

Representation of female gender as the dolls show many physical and mental attributes of women and I think interesting highlight the sensuality and intuition of cats at different stages of life. From childhood playfulness of a kitten to the hierarchy of a lioness. I think that in many cultures these animals have been associated with femininity and therefore I found enchanting performing a wrist tattooed with these attributes. meeoww! n_n As a tribute to all those lovable characters from our childhood and science fiction. As a tribute to all those lovable characters from our childhood in cartoons and science fiction.

houdini girl by Aidanfer

This lovely doll is inspired by Harry Houdini, illusionist and escape artist. Among his challenges was facing directly to the death with which captivated the public, while some left the room before the end of the show. He had had an accident in a river was small where nearly drowning. The Torture Chamber of China was an enormous "aquarium" where it was submerged, and from where he escaped after a few long minutes. This doll could be a student or a descendant of this great artist who represents women who face magically overcome daily challenges. It would be interesting to see picture of this doll in a glass or acrylic box and see if it is possible to achieve in your hair, the effect of being underwater.

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