by Alessandra

The character that I had choose for the Enchanted Dolls Contest is inspired to the well-known Brothers Grimm’s story, “Little Red Riding Hood”. The subject has been changed according my personal style of painting, pretty far from the classical representation. My vision of the tale’s protagonist doesn’t match with the image of sweet and helpless girl, indeed I gave her a more independent and unusual temperament. My version is closer to a style typically macabre and grotesque. I thought about two main costumes. In the first of them we see her totally naked wearing only by the fur of “big bad wolf”. The girl’s hair is adorned with a strip of red satin. At feet she wear red rubber boots. Later she’s wearing the famous red cape, and it’s painted up to my style. It’s composed of three layers of different lengths of red velvet joined together. the part around the neck is pleated. The second piece is slightly enriched in order to make a rounded effect. The last piece is the longest and most abundant so that it appears slightly trawl. The girl's face is also painted up to my style and allows the possibility of different interpretations.

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