The study of the doll spawns from some reflections made on the concept of infinity and forgiveness:

the infinity of forgiveness, comparable to the horizon of the African deserts where the contrasting colours are the only elements that define the sky and the earth; I have studied the Tuareg people, a nomadic tribe that traditionally wears a striking night blue cape of a colour so saturated that it stains the skin. I have tried to give the character elements of the “infinite”, so I have thought of a silent girl opening her mouth as if in awe in front of the universe. Her eyes are not fixed on the person with her, but they stare beyond, with the typical melancholy of someone that understand forgiveness.

When making the right hand I have taken inspiration from some Christian images, where Christ is depicted pointing to His heart with the finger, symbol of infinite forgiveness. The hand allows the character to point at the heart but also at the horizon as if to underline the immensity of creation, by contrast when the finger points to the lips , it makes us think of the silence that is needed to contemplate the infinite.

Confession by Alessandro

Forgive me, is said absently, without wanting for words. Forgive me, says the universe, breathing silently on sandy dunes.

Only blue-painted silence listens. The merciless and ancient night of Africa, lays an icy blanket on skin that is pure, naked, blue, as fine as enchanted dust.

I forgive, the silent mouth no longer speaks, mute, a deep cavern that has seen the marvel of a thousand shining suns. It is day in the desert of man, his soul wandering in infinity: it is a warm seduction, that burns from afar, and its thin dress loses strength, washes away, leaving a shade of sapphire on white skin.

As if to tell a thought, to give a final gesture, a hand is moved from heart to mouth and the mantra of silence is repeated to whom asks, the void is given to whom gazes upon the face, meditation is asked to whom asks for redemption.

Here is the beginning and end. Here is the night and day. Here is the golden yellow and deep blue. It’s and ancient balance that only contemplates the horizon, and points its right hand, a pearl of salvation for the enlightened wanderers that have lived its history.

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