by Ali

Elizabeth Helena Snow, or Sakura Snow is a lovely young lady with a troubled head. At the ripe age of seven, her mother went insane and devoured their entire family. Not long after, she began having hallucinations of her own, seeing the world in a morbid state of horrific obscenities, usually relating to death and blood. She was sent off to a mental institution in Japan while her only two remaining siblings (there were thirteen children in total) were sent to separate foster homes. In Japan, the folk of the hospital called her “Sakura” because she was, though insane, pure and lovely.

After extensive treatment between the ages of ten and seventeen, she finally rid herself of her terrors. With the inheritance passed on by her parents, she managed to find a nice home where she met her soul mate (a half-vampire named Aaron.). The two married, and had three beautiful children.

A mother, wife, fan of the Lolita fashion, and prestige horror game designer, Sakura spends most of her free time dancing, or at the beach. While her past may have been hard to overcome, she lives a generally happy, but never ordinary life.

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