Pandora by Amal

What if our 'misbehaviours' manifested themselves as visual scars? Guilt is often described as being 'written on one's face'. In the past I've done things that I've since regretted and felt my 'skin crawl' with disgust and the strongest desire to somehow wash the guilt away. What if the world could see how guilty we are?

There are some similarities between the stories of Pandora and Eve. Both stories looked to explain the origin of all suffering and evil. But this doll would suggest that the real origin is within us all. We all hold the capability of evil inside. Likewise we all have the ability to hope...

Pandora's porcelain body would represent the 'pithos' - the jar that contained all evil. Where parts of her body have been cracked open, symbolising how she broke the divine command, the evils of the world spill out and sprawl across her limbs. The imagery of insects and beasts could tattooed on the body and would suggest themes of infestation, disease and rot. These particular beasties are based on those drawn by Sulamith Wulfing in her pictures 'The Giant' and 'Wild Flight'.

Gynoid by Amal

On some level, this idea is just my desire to see an ED with subtractive modifications, displaying it's innards in celebration of it's mechanical construction (similar in some ways to 'Anna Karenina Survives the Train'). It might also be considered ironic to design a doll that mimics something mass-manufactured. Especially in the case of EDs where, although born from moulds, each doll is made into a unique artwork. Time and effort would be invested in replicating or reconstructing the signs of manufacture that would normally be painstakingly removed. Traces of the production process, such as seam-lines, would become a feature.

The helmet, boots and cuff could be shaped from sheet metal and fastened with rivets, contrasting with the delicate porcelain. Parting lines could be tattooed, or etched and the cavities throughout the body would reveal the springs and linkages that hold the doll together. The helmet would wear the 'ED' insignia. When I look at 'Cosmos Exploratum Genesis', I find myself dreaming of a similar helmet where the stones are replaced with tiny flashing LEDs!

Doppelganger /or The Time Traveller's Wife by Amal

This idea is partly inspired by the story in which a man is flung around the boundaries of time and subsequently meets his 'wife' sporadically throughout her life. For him, it’s as if she exists as several different women/girls all at once. He also meets himself on occasion and I found the imagery quite haunting, of being visited by an incarnation of yourself. On one hand it might be comforting to be visited from the future to be reassured that everything will be okay. But then they may also be a harbinger of bad news.

I imagine the doll as being divided into two. The body acts as a canvas, bearing the image of another figure. They share some limbs, so that the two bodies flow into one. The surface of the doppelgänger figure could be textured, or sculpted in relief, or etched, or tattooed. The effect would probably be quite subtle, especially from some angles, you might hardly notice it at all. I wanted to depict the two characters trying to connect, almost as if they are embracing one another. Posing the doll differently would allow the figures to interact in different ways.

Additional sketches/brainstorming

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