by Amarilli

took this idea from a recent painting I made (80 x 120 cm).

The theme is the transformation of “poison into medicine”, a path to empowerment.

The feminine figure wears a (possibly decorated/ embroidered) red corset, white bloomers, a red bustle pad and a white powdered wig. The particularity are her ornate crinoline/bustle, and her headpiece, taken freely from fantasy but inspired by rococò aesthethics.

The lines of the headpiece remind of a scorpio’s tail, or of the agressivity of certain insects, which perhaps unconsciously emerged from the idea of the poison to be processed and alchemically transmuted. In her path towards growth and transformation, she will have to break free from the decorated, fancy “golden” cage in which she is prisoner now. In fact she already lost most of her clothing and masks, like the mask of tragedy laying behind her, and “her soul’s feet have been washed in the blood of the heart” symbolically attaining “an equilibrium which cannot be shaken by personal emotion” (“The Light on the Path”- M. Collins).

The doll would show the red blood under her feet. The armadillo leading her represents self-defined boundaries, but is left out for the hypothetic doll project.

by Amarilli

I took inspiration for this idea from a painting of mine made lately for a themed collective (80 x 120 cm).

The subject is “Victory”.

Between the many elements of this painting, I’d like to pick out only 3 or 4 for this “hypothetic doll” design project.

Those elements are : the headpiece, a relatively small shell-shaped crown, formed in the baroque way, with three arrow-shaped tails coming out from the sides/top; the “belt” made to match the crown but with a rounded acanthus leave design going downwards, and adorned with precious stones like the crown; finally the rich metal pedestal with cushion and ornate drapery/cloth.

I think that this type of elegant pedestal would be very fit for an Enchanted Doll!

Perhaps also the patterned halo could be included, with some special technique which I don’t know J.

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