The Owl Woman By Ana

My idea came from the special treat I have for the owls, I think they are beautiful creatures are shrouded in mystery, related to the wisdom and night. So my intention was to create a character from the fixture, which was what I had thought initially.

My idea, then, is a community, as a tribe of forest in which there is a priestess who is known for her wisdom and therefore its symbol is the owl. It is a highly respected woman who lives apart from the rest in a house carved into a large oak tree, like a hermit, and is attended by all those who want to make use of her knowledge. It is a quiet creature, enigmatic, a symbol and a spiritual guide. On the other hand can be slightly ominous, dreaded by his power.

In the drawing, she has copper-colored hair as I thought it looked better with the rest of her image, but being a wise woman might wear white hair.

The Secret Keeper By Ana

This time my proposal for this competition was inspired by your beautiful dolls. The idea I have of them is that of friends. Having one would be like having a silent friend who listens to all your confessions, secrets and innermost desires without judging. Maybe she can not answer with words but her eyes say it all, keeps every detail in her pure heart. Loyalty would be a word that would characterize her, someone to carry around, like a beautiful secret in itself. This idea somehow makes me feal better. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I imagine it to be a heartwarming company in those days I feel nostalgic. The drawing on her chest is an intrincate heart with a lock and she carries a small key hanging from a delicate chain. I know that the heart-padlock symbol is not new, but the idea focuses on the doll and the message she wants to give. That's why she has one of her hands with that gesture, the raised index finger asking for silence, secrecy. Her eyes need a special vividness as a whole is a doll quite ethereal.

Prince Frog By Ana

This proposal was the most thought until I had an idea compelling enough to do it. It's my last idea and I wanted it to stand out from the other two. It needed to be interesting, but also different. So I thought I could create a male character since they are not the most common among your creations, a prince for every princess.

Naturally, I relied on the fairy tale of the prince who was enchanted to become a frog. I combined the two creatures (man and frog) in a single character so it would be special and I am very satisfied with the result, as I got what I had in mind, keeping him to be attractive. He has mainly male figure, but the fingers on his hands and feet are long and have a slight greenish hue. Also the eyes have a strange pupil. He is neither man nor frog, it's both, as if he had stuck in the midst of transformation.

I added the crown, scepter and the cape to reinforce his image of the prince.

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