Vampires Bride by Anastazja

I found this drawing in the chest in an old, wooden, gothic house in Transylvania :).

I know "Vampires Bride" is not very orginal, but I think that it will perfectly suit your dolls collection. My doll is Dracula's beloved from Francis Fords Coppolas famous movie. Her name is Elizabetha.

Doll's history:

She made herself die when enemys of Dracula reported her that count is dead. She drowned herself in the river. Her last words:

"My Prince is dead. All is lost without him. May God unite us in haven."

When Dracula become vampire, he bring her back to live. Kiss of death changed her forever. She wasn't herself any more. She still loved count, but he didn't love her. She couldn't lough, and smile. She was always disapointed and sad.

When Dracula went to England she was waiting for him every day, but he never came back. She become soulless monster.

Doll's look:

Her skin is pale. Her long hair are black. Her lips has got the colour of dried blood. She has got dark, brown eyes and the marks of being bitten on her neck.

She is dressed in white dress with roses. She has got a necklace , earings and hair grip with stones of the color of blood.

My dad helped me put together all my drawings in Photoshop.

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