by Andrew T.

The idea of transformation and second lives has always interested me. Perhaps that's why I'm fond of the Greek myth of Daphne. She was being pursued by the sun god, Apollo, who had wanted her as a lover. She was not interested and fled. Just as he was about to catch her, she prayed to her father to grant her escape. Her prayer was granted and she was changed into a laurel tree – a tree that would live on forever, having its fragrant leaves and branches woven into crowns and presented as one of the highest honors to only the most worthy. I thought that this mythological character would translate into an excellent doll. I created a small acrylic painting, depicting Daphne in mid-transformation, to give the feel of the doll. (Unfortunately the picture does not capture the iridescent and metallic pigments.) I imagine one of your porcelain dolls, inscribed and adorned with swirling, wood grain markings. She's wearing a crown and bracelets made of tiny, dangling leaves. I think she'd make a beautiful and unique addition to the works of art you've already created.

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