by Anne

For your contest, I propose an original dark angel doll, I could not draw her so I made her of clothes.
My doll face is a Korean so I named her Agma (meaning demon in Korean)
Helmet: a silver gargoyle head with 4 big and twisted sculpted horns
Hair: short black and strait
Simple black lace bustier
Tatoo: could be added on legs, an incantation written along the leg
Wings of feather, lace and lacerated black clothes
Large black lace collar like a big gothic rosewindow
Black leather short
Legs attached with small black belts and silver buckles
Accessories: a round cage with a skull inside and a fan of black feathers and silver
Black mittens, skull and bones silver pendant.
I'd like her to wear high heel silver shoes (like your Lolita’s shoes) sculpted with a skull and attached with black ribbons or simply bare foot.
She’s a death angel, choosing among people souls, the good souls are blowed away with her fan and rise to heaven, and the bad ones are caugth in the cage before being given to the devil.

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