By Annika

NB. This is not a ‘cat girl’ doll, but rather a doll of the girl behind the origin of the cat.

The inspiration: The idea for Machoit came from the Egyptian Mau cat, famed for being the only breed of cat whose spots are actually patterned on its skin. Inspired by that, I wrote the attached myth detailing the origins of the Mau breed.

The doll: Machoit is white porcelain with sandy brown blushing. Her face is slight and impish, like Edie or Camelia. Her eyes are large, bright green rimmed with thick black. Her hair is black, standard length.

The design: Machoit is covered in spots as she was when she emerged from the river. The blotches are a faded, shadowy grey.

Machoit wears a headscarf of translucent pink embroidered with gold and amber beads. Her hair is braided and pinned up, and the scarf wraps around her face as it would have done to protect her from the desert sand.

Around her neck, she wears a wide gold necklace, inspired by Egyptian design, with an oval tigereye set in the middle. She wears a selection of gold rings and bracelets on both hands.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.