Doll Padaug or woman - giraffe by Audrey C.

I think that creating a doll woman - giraffe would be an interesting challenge .

You are already interested and experienced in physical deformations imposed on women with the doll in feet lotus and the surviving doll .

The visual extention of the necks of these Tibeto - Burmese women by gradual lowering of ribs is another violence which is not easily comprehensible for our culture , especially since the reasons of the existence of these spiral - necklaces remain mysterious .

This deformation of the body to make it submissive and fragile is fascinating because it forces it to give it a different , almost inhuman and sometimes graceful silhouette .

The whole challenge of this creation would be to make a mould for a bust which would find the right balance between the fascination for the monstrosity and the delicacy of the elongated silhouette with a queenly bearing .

The following part of the activity would concern tattoos : working tribal motives would be a return to the origin of the tattoo .

The creation of jewels , like the spirals of neck and a headdress , would be also interesting to give a harmony to the set .

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