Entry 1 by Balaio

My idea of a doll is a stage actress of dolls or puppets. I created this design, symbolizing an artist and his instrument of work and expression. This doll represents the fantastic world of theater and all its magic. The puppet theater is one of the oldest forms of human expression. An enchanting and magical way.

In the puppet theater there are several techniques and forms. There are puppets of rod, wire, gloves and direct manipulation. The actors play characters, through their fantastic figures.

Entry 2 by Balaio

This is my idea of a doll that represents the carnival. It may be the carnival of an imaginary place, but can also be carnival of my land. My land is Brazil and so the doll wears a costume with lots of colorful flowers.

Your fantasy can have all colors, sparkles and feathers.

She may have a large ornament on the head, full of feathers and sequins.

Entry 3 by Balaio

My idea for this new doll, is a bride with all the clothing made of wire.

Her dress is made entirely with wire, and the details too.

She has a trim (crown) on the head, which is made of wire, as well as her bouquet. The bouquet will also have a different way. It will not be in the form of flowers. Is the same format as the details of dress and crown.

Her name will be "The Bride of Wire. "

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