by Belmira

In case you would like to one day explore the possibility to use ancient South American mythology in your work, I thought to create a full costume design for you based off of the Aztec goddess Itzpapalotl. She is often depicted as a fearsome, skeletal warrior who rules over a paradise realm where victims of infant mortality may go to rest and where people are created. I worked with the colors of illustrations I found of this goddess: golden yellow, black, white, and red. She is associated with bats, birds, fire, jaguars, and a moth. She is often known as the Obsidian Butterfly or Clawed Butterfly. My costume idea involves a corset that is patterned with the spine and ribs (the spine a pillar of strength, sturdy foundation--the ribs represent the protective sanctuary she rules), a skirt and collar made of obsidian daggers, and a helmet replicating the skull of a vampire bat. Her body is painted golden, her face and arms are painted red, her legs are patterned with the mark of the jaguar. The pattern of her face resembles the human skull. I wanted to design something that had high color contrast to give a jarring effect.

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