Mistress on the Moon by Brenna

Mistress on the Moon was actually born to be the companion to Yue-Laou, “Man on the Moon.” Yue-Laou is said to be one that appears at night to bind together people who will then never be able to part. That made me wonder, who is Yue-Laou never able to part with, for he surely has a lover of his own. Enter the Mistress. She goes around at night with Yue-Laou to bind couples, but her duty is to make sure the hearts of the lovers will not be demolished by Yue-Laou’s rough force of love. She wears a robe similar to a kimono made of the most opalescent fabric. To put in generally- she shimmers. Her belt is tied with what I thought of as the silken cord that Yue-Laou uses to tie his couples together. On the Mistress’ back is a column of tattoos that shows five stages of the Moon, starting at the top with the full moon and working down to the new moon.

Eos by Brenna

Eos is know, in Greek mythology, as the Titan goddess of the dawn. Every morning she is to be awake early to open the skies for her brother; but Eos herself only get recognition for being beautiful, not for her important duty in the coming of the day. That is what gave me the idea for turning her in to a doll- are dolls only to be looked at for their beauty, or admired truly for their importance? I have read that Eos wear a saffron colored robe that is embroidered with flowers. Based loosely on that idea, I drew Eos with a metal corset filled with organic lines that are meant to look like vines (hence flowers) and with a flowing skirt in a saffron color. I imagine her hair to be of the long, golden variety. I decided to forgo any adornments - minus the clothing- to put emphasis on Eos’ face, which, simply put, should be like the coming dawn.

Veiled Vestal Virgin by Brenna

Within the ancient Roman religion, there were priestesses who served Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. These priestesses were known as the Veiled Vestals. Veiled Vestals, when selected, were first sworn into a life of duty that lasted no less than thirty years. When admitted, that were forced into certain terms that made them kin to all within Roman rule, so sex of any kind was considered as incest. Punishments for the Veiled Vestals varied from simple whippings to being buried alive. I took inspiration from the famous statue of the same name. The doll’s body is wound with cloth so that the face is not visible, and she is almost encased in her outfit. The Veiled Vestal wears a wreath of dephinium x elatum flowers around her head, and wears no shoes.

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