Dea Ex Machina by Caesar

The theme of my contest entry is “Dea Ex Machina” (after all, why shouldn’t it be a goddess? :-P)

“Part Erik (the Phantom of the Opera), part Quasimodo (Hunchback of Notre Dame), Genesia sees beauty as her curse. Born to a choreographer mother and an actor father, her comeliness was often called upon to bring success to what would otherwise be a flop as folks would come far and wide to see her – to be with her, but after every performance she would retreat back into the comfort of the solitude and shadows behind the curtain.

Until he arrived.

One day, while observing him from the rigging above the stage, she notices that a rope holding one of the props is frayed and about to break. She calls out but her wan voice is drowned out by the raucous music. Frantic, she looks around for any other solution but she has no choice. She leaps...”

I hope you enjoyed my brief little story! The doll that I picture in my mind for this tale has tattoos and accessories inspired by the forms and shapes of a theatre: the texture of the curtain, the ropes, the shape of the curved arrangements of seats in the audience, the make-up and masks, the sawdust on the floor of the stage, the brass and wood of the instruments...

Thanks for considering my entry. I only wish I was talented enough to illustrate my entry too :-(

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