Lilith by Carmelo

This doll concept is based on the Jewish Biblical creation tale of Adam's true equal, Lilith. Made long before Eve, and NOT made from a piece of Adam, Lilith was an individual creation of God. Created simultaneously as equals, Lilith refused to be subservient to Adam. This refusal culminated in their argument during a sexual encounter, when Adam attempted to make Lilith submit to him, and she refused to do so. This refusal led to Lilith’s condemnation to demon-hood. For me, Lilith represents womankind’s struggle for equality and sexual liberation. The idea of Lilith possessing the key to her own chastity belt is the visual representation of Lilith’s control over her own sexuality and independence.

Medusa by Carmelo

This doll concept is based on the Greek Myth of Medusa. Medusa was a virgin high priestess of an Athenian Temple bordering the sea. The beautiful Medusa, with her enchanting locks of flowing hair, was tending to the hearth one night, when Poseidon by chance saw her. Immediately enraptured, Poseidon forced himself upon her- despite all her violent protests. Athena, enraged by the indiscretion and blasphemy that took place within her temple- but was unable to condemn her uncle, Poseidon. To appease her own outrage, Athena cursed Medusa instead. Damned to live on an isolated island as a Gorgon, Medusa now has a head full of snakes and lures men that would betray her to their ultimate punishment, turning them to stone with one glance from her wicked eyes. A woman wrongfully punished for a crime done against her, Medusa is the literal representation of feminine rage. Because of this, the image of Medusa was adopted as a symbol for the feminist movement.

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