by Caroline

The inspiration for this piece comes from the forest. I imagine the antlers on her head to made from wood, like twigs, and among those are woven ripe berries. The wings are inspired by a bird in mid flight, as she is as free as they are.

Her gaze is natural and unguarded, I like to think of her as a girl who not only lives in the forest, but is an actual part of the nature around her. For her body, she has tattoos of leaves and plants growing up her on her skin, almost like they have been imprinted onto her as she lay among them. I've also been influenced by the passing seasons – from the end of Winter approaching the Spring, the twigs have been bare but now life is starting to grow again.

by Caroline

This piece was inspired by the new year, 2011. This is the Chinese year of the Rabbit, so the headpiece for this doll is pair of long white ears. To me, the new year also represents the Spring time, so I have adorned blossoming flowers around her neck and head. Even her eyelashes have delicate little leaves attached to them, to emphasise her large bright eyes. The petals are blushed a pale pink colour, not too bold and colourful, she is only just beginning to bloom!

Her expression is young and sweet, to symbolize the new and innocent life being born into the world. Her fingers are delicate and tinged with a rosy colour as if she has been gathering up the petals and nectar.

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