by Carolyn

Inspired by the Threads of feeling exhibition and dedicated to all women who have ever had to give up a baby for whatever reason.

16,000 babies were left at the Foundling Hospital in London, only 152 were reclaimed.

Their mothers suffered poverty, disease and deprivation and this charitable institution at least gave their children some hope.

Material scraps, ribbons, bits of embroidery were halved and one left with the child - if mother returned - the 2 halves could be matched.

Need to portray sadness, loss and tiny bit of hope that mother and child may be re-united.

Doll - sad ? tears. Empty womb tattooed on body. ? some ribbons - round wrist and scattered elsewhere. Hair - any colour would be fine - loose or could be an "updo"

Veil/Wrap ( maybe suspended from small crown/circlet with a single tear, or just used like a wrap) - printed onto sheer white material. (see attachment). It has the quote that inspired me, plus list of clothes, then actual numbers of foundlings from the 18th century. Multicoloured scraps of ribbon and material to be pinned on by the numbers to represent the scraps from the mothers.

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