Leuwei ("Lu-Way") by Catghost

Long ago, when there was only darkness... the earth bore a child. He was called Leuwei, literally god of the drought. For millennia he wandered the earth alone, leaving a barren wasteland wherever he tread. His name became greatly feared, with tribes throughout the land believing he was a devil that brought only pain. Like a child, Leuwei was ignorant of the suffering he was bringing the people, and ultimately could not understand why they grew to hate him so. Eventually he came upon an oasis, inhabited by a small tribe. Leuwei wanted nothing more than to meet these people, but feared they would not show him any kindness, much like the others had done before them. Selfishly, though, he continued to watch the tribe. He became increasingly intrigued, coming closer with each passing day. Eventually Leuwei was within sight of the tribes people, yet was surprised that they did not fear him. Curious still was that the oasis had not succumbed to Leuwei's presence. In fact, the people seemed to thrive off it; Utilizing Leuwei's power instead of rejecting it.

After a century passed, the tiny tribe had blossomed into a bustling city. Leuwei had grown as well, learning to control his power and to protect the tribe. Eventually they became known as the Suwen, or the "Sun Blessed", and turned the barren lands into lush paradise.

Leuwei also has a tattoo that goes across his back.

Moe Siru ("Mo-eh See-Ru") by Catghost

Moe was the earliest doll design I did, resulting from my fascination with moths. (Her name literally means "Silver Moth") The idea behind her design was that she was a dancer clothed in silk, similar to Oriental Dancers. Her outfit is made from lavender colored silks, adorned with intricate patterns and sterling silver accents. The sashes that hang from her bracelets are shaped like moth wings, so that when she dances it gives the illusion of wings. Her mantle is designed to separate at the back, for easy removal. A detailed design has been carved into it, with precious gemstones encrusted throughout.

The shendyt that is draped over her waist is held up by a sterling silver belt, which is basically several metal parts strung together for greater movement. (similar to Silk Road's headpiece) She also wears leggings and sleeves made from lace.

Shiyyin the Hakshi by Catghost

Shiyyin is an assassin of the Hakshi clan, the name of which is derived from Sanskrit meaning eye. They are known for their highly specialized methods of assassination, which is unique in that no weapons are used. The most well known technique being the "Marbati Ryu", where a Hakshi delivers an extremely lethal dose of poison directly into the victims bloodstream. (via a bite, hence the name meaning "Death Kiss")

The technique is extremely risky, for if they make a wrong move they very well could end up dead themselves. Few ever manage to master it, but if one is able then they become an extremely deadly adversary.

Shiyyin is one of the few members of her clan to have managed such a feat so young an age, and is regarded by many as the clans most skilled fighter.

Her face and body is tattooed with the traditional Hakshi design, featuring an eye that has been stitched open; Believed to symbolize the idea all Hakshi adhere to, in which an assassin must never turn a blind eye to any detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem. The Hakshi must always be ahead of their prey, always all-seeing.

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