Blue Phoenix by Chopin

I’d like to introduce my conception of new Enchanted Doll

I call her princess blue phoenix. She is a dauhter of the Miao nationality.

Miao nationality distributed over Chinese Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sichuan and Guangdong. Miaos is a mistery and ancient nationality, In the past, dominating a intrinsic area where located at Chinese southwest. young girls of Miao nationality are familiar with medicinal herbs and cold-blooded animals, and good at using the them to treat and save the patient. Correspondingly they use a sorcery, call Gu (蛊) in chinese, which is a poison comes from a legendary venomous insect,to cope with the heartless man they once loved. Hence the figure of Miao’s young girl is independent, strong and self-defense, while the princess of Miao is absolutely the most powerful one. I love Enchanted Doll showing us the national characteristic of different kinds. I really expect more heroic female images of Enchanted Doll.

Another reason I recommend my princess blue phoenix is that Miao people is adept in casting silver utensils and sorts of goods. Young girls of Miao will decorate themselves with exquisite jewelrys. (I will show that in the legend.) Different with Tibetan silver,The Miao silver work is snow-white and beautiful. I believe this point can bring lots of Inspiration to new creation and guaranteed the implements of new Enchanted Doll.

1.The name-blue phoenix. (The charming name comes from The Jin Yong (A renowned China chivalric fiction novel author) chivalric fiction novel "Smiles Arrogant Rivers and lakes". Blue phoenix is a hierarch of the Yunnan five poisonous creatures Polytheism.)

I just feel the name is beautiful, just a Inspiration but not represent the new doll must be a existing characters. I believe Jin Yong chivalric fiction belongs to the section of chinese classical culture. If it is lacking in originality, it can be abandoned.

2 .The costume or accessory of Miao nationality.
I can only provide some picture (For free). the costume or accessory of Miao nationality have innumerable kinds. It’s difficulty in summarizing them by everyone. I can provide more detailed materials as long as you need.

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