by Christine

My inspirations always comes from music. I have a saying:"Music is my vehicle of emotion,Wine is the fuel I need to pursuit". I put my self in the artiste mode. Which is good red wine, classical music and a vision.

Simply by the beauty of a melody,it can evoke an emotion without understanding the words. While searching in my opera CD's I came upon this one. This is it, this is the one I need. CD: Natalie Choquette (La Diva) #3 Caro nome. It was giving the insperation I needed to accomplish my mission, and that was to please you, but in doing so I needed to be true to my self. I had to feel and see her in my mind. I strongly believe, to be successful in creating art, it should not be forced upon.

Caro Nome is a piece from an Opera done by Giuseppe Verdi in 1851. It was a highly controversial play at the time. Due to the charactors and the contents. For 2 days I listened to Caro Nome till visions emerged my thoughts, and long behold there she was Amouretta. Her name comes from french, meaning Little love. Then for 3 weeks sketched and did the final drawing. Amouretta was no longer a figment of my imagination.

So not to be influenced by the words only after completion of my drawing did I look up the lyrics, which are:

Sweet name, you who made my heart, throb for the fist time.
You must always remind me, the pleasures of love!
My desire will fly to you, on the wings of thought
and my last breath will be yours, my beloved

Amouretta being so beautiful and young is a Misstress not to one but to many. She loves the social event that were generally elaborate dances held for members of the upper classes, Masquerade balls. She has Victorian high boots which has a ED twist, laced but on the sides. They will be beautiful in Silver plated metal. Her gloves would be tattooed on. I have a weakness for gothic crosshatching.
Her neck choker another Victorian must, but has Ostrich feathers making her a shoulder cape.
Her mask Ive chosen to do is "Masques de loups" wolf mask. Again crosshatching. She prouldy wears her initial roots ED. Silver plated metal.
Her hair has an untamed look but yet the Victorian vintage feel. As for her eyes I had to inspire my self from my 3 favourites, Frankensteins bride, Noire and Edie but now with your Master piece Surviving. What can I say you've become a master in your trade. Their eyes are the windows to their souls.

Technical part: Was hand drawn on Canson acid free Canva- paper 136 lbs. I prefer texteured paper which gives the original art more visuel interest, but down side presion is more difficult. The rang of graphite pencils I used where from 4H to 5B.

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