by Claudia

While doodleing about sketches not knowing which one I should submit because non of them seemed good enough for the contest, the scales fell from my eyes. There's one behaviour you and I share while creating a new figure – we love our note books. They reflect our thoughts, fears, hopes and beliefs in the very precious moment we give birth to a new idea.

So my doll shows a book that is alive like a human being – an enchanted animated book named Scriptum.

Headpiece: 2 small halo's and a flower crown with a golden heart & gem stones

Collar: resembles the pages of a book, surounded by gemstones; her chest holds an “ED“ seal, 3 broad ribbons with antique book spine pattern

Belly: a keyhole surounded by 3 engraved writing feathers; as the belly is the home of the soul in many religions she owns several keys to it like we can unlock parts of our mind in the creative process

Arms: golden clasps, they hold 5 small ribbons with ending pieces like stylograph tips

Feet: engraved pattern of metal book covers

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