Entry 1 by Clementine V.

My concept for the contest is a new version of the Little Red Riding Hood. I think this fairy tale is very interesting for many reasons, including the ambiguity and all symbolic aspects it contains. I do not pretend to offer a totally new version of this tale, but I hope to propose a new approach in which: The Little Red Riding Hood is the wolf.

In this story, she is a werewolf but she doesn't know that. She wakes up next to the dead body of her grandmother and she remembers that she killed her. Sadness and incomprehension are noticeable in her face: How could she do that? There is a contrast between the fragility of her body, with torn clothes, and the bestiality of the werewolf aspect because she keeps wolf teeth, ears or tail.

For the visual aspect, the red colour is important. The clothes are red, and there are also red blood spots on her skin. She has reddened sad eyes and pink lips. Fragile and petite, she should still look more mature than a little girl. Her hair and eyes are a mix between red and brown, like her clothes which are dark red.

Entry 2 by Clementine V.

I want to propose a second concept for the contest. It turns around the idea of twin girls. They seem to be similar but they are not. They are like mirrored images of each other, with small differences which distinguish them. For example, the first sister has a blue right eye and a green left eye, and the second sister is the opposite. Other differences can be seen in their appearance: one is a little smaller, and their hair colour is not exactly similar.

For the visual aspect, I want to show that twins have an ambiguous relationship. They are close to the point that it causes a malaise for the viewer. They are nude and sensual, with a tattoo in their hip: tattoos have also a little difference. They have almost no accessories, just shoes and something in their hair.

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