Moon Child by Courtney

Acrylic on Canvas.

Living deep in the forest, she is the Communicator. Born with no ears she touches the earth and speaks with it. The vibrations of the soil, the rocks, the trees and the streams tell her the knowledge of the old ones. They cry out pains unthinkable to any mortal being. One night the Communicator prays at the temple of the Great Mother. Wishing to speak with this most powerful being the child lifts her head up and touches the sky. Suddenly, a beam of light, so powerful and beautifull washes over her. The vibrations shake her spirit as tears stream down her face. The sensations are too much for her fragile being to handle. Her eyes turn as silver as the moon above her, the whites as black as the night surrounding her. The Communicator is forever marked by her encounter and reminded of the wondrous beauty as reflected in her eyes, for she is God's Moon Child.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.