by Crystal

My idea for a doll is based on the universal mother, “mother nature” or perhaps Gaiam if you will. Maybe not the most original of ideas but I had given a lot of thought to all the wild fantastic stories to base a doll on but I could not think of a doll more important to be done.

Every day I hear of another eco‐disaster. Oil spills. Dead baby dolphins washing up on the gulf, miles of garbage in the ocean, water and air pollution causing all types of diseases. More attention needs to be called to the problem. I see dolls as a way to escape the world and enjoy beauty but I also see dolls as reflecting and reminding us of all that ails us, because after all, they are made in our image.

My doll has the life giving sun on her head, the moon on her forehead and the stars of the heavens coming down around her in a veil. I have the endangered animals in gold around her neck, they are made of precious metal because they are so precious. The world is on her body in blue and green, the colors that the world needs to stay. Her hair is also a cascade of the green and blue. I painted clouds on her arms and chest and put lovely flowers on her legs. I had thought to put a tear in her eye and some oil on her feet but I did not. I chose to just keep her the way I would like her to stay though I certainly am not opposed to a tear and oil. I decided to put on her what I thought was a questioning look. Will we protect her?

Her name is Awenasa in Cherokee meaning “my home”.

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