Flora by Dovile

Flora - Spring blooming vegetation and the pleasures of youthful goddess. It was the Roman goddess, though the Greeks had its counterpart - the goddess Chloris. In honor of her were held in the spring festival Floralia, which was held during the theatrical performances, games are characterized by their "lust" and "obscenity". Goddess Flora was an integral part of fertility, sexuality and fertility.

Renaissance period turned to the ancient art of, therefore this goddess that period was often portrayed in paintings. Portrayed as a very beautiful woman, youthful, sexy, often surrounded by flowers, Topless, also depicts the relationship with the love god Cupid.

During creating this doll image, I wanted to make it look seductive and feminine attractiveness. I used history and ancient mythology for this work, it is very suitable for me suit of ancient Roman architectural ornament of palmette whose origin comes from a plant form. Also, I used a flower Kamel, who in my opinion is very soft and feminine, and was popular in ancient Roman Empire as a symbol of love and romance.

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