by Eleanor

This is the Secret Keeper. It is her sole purpose and joy in the world to keep all secrets safe within her. Just like the secrets of this world she is a tease. She is decorated in dozens of keys, so many possibilities, yet none that fit the keyhole. She is always lingering near by when a secret is formed or told ready to take it under lock and key. She is really quite smug about the whole thing and sometimes can't help herself, she has to let a secret slip. Usually though she takes her job very seriously. The mystery is.. What is she? A fairy? A goddess? Just a wisp of wind? We'll never know, it's a secret.

I first drew the picture in pencil using Farah as a reference, because she is my favorite doll. I then scanned it onto the computer and colored it digitally. I don't know if I like it better with or without color so I will link to both. I had a lot of fun with it and I hope you enjoy the result as much as I enjoyed making it.

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