Medical Fetish by Els

fetish fet·ish (fět'ĭsh, fē'tĭsh)

1. Something, such as an object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

2. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment.

This idea came from a conversation that I had with Marina Bychkova in 2009. Originally, her show ‘Fragility’ would have had the theme ‘Medical Fetish’. So I envisioned a doll that would embody this theme. The title ‘Medical Fetish’ refers to two things :

1. how society has always had an almost fetish-like obsession with the human body, constantly striving to discover more.

2. The sexy/naughty nurses stereotype that is a fetish and sexual fantasy in society.

The doll has a tattoo of a chest dissection, showing heart, lungs and other organs. On her face, she would have a look of fascination and interest as she looks at her own organs.

She is wearing a silver, white-enameled nurse cap with red rubies in the shape of a cross, white stockings with an embroidered red cross on the outer sides and high-heeled red stilettos.

Beauty of Venice by Els

This doll was inspired by Venetian masks and the story ‘Man in the Iron Mask’, the concept of beauty hiding horror. At first glance, you would see only beauty but behind the beauty lies horror. Behind the mask is a lock, preventing the wearer from removing it, ditto the chastity belt. Both represent the control society has over even a wealthy woman’s image and sexuality.

The base of the mask is white enamel. The lips are blue, ditto the eye designs, but these are rimmed in gold. The swirls are gold, and the flowers are blue or purple with pearls at their centre, and other, smaller pearls surrounding them. Behind the mask hangs a purple silk veil, hiding the lock. Her hair is hanging loose and is medium length.

On her fingers, she wears small gold rings. The necklace is gold with small pearls. The belt and shoes are with blue or purple enamel flowers, echoing the mask.

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