Aviator by Emily P.

Our desire to take off from our beloved earth and look down at it from above the clouds, comes from deep within us. Aviator is inspired by the curiousity and inventiveness of the human mind, paying particular homage to inventors like Leonardo Da Vinci and his infamously inspiring drawings and studies of his imagined machinary and the Wright Brothers who pioneered the worlds first successful airplane. She wears a delicately detailed brass helmet with a jewel adorned propella at the top, also displaying a pair of circular 'Steampunk-esque' goggles. The wings themselves have an intricate exposed metal structure, draped with ornate lace material with individual pearl drops dangling at the base of each wing tip, all secured to the body with a harness of leather with studded detail. My doll celebrates imagination, creativity and our constant and passionate drive to expand, explore and discover. I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed creating her!

Mother Nature by Emily P.

Have you ever walked through an autumn forest when the sun is at it's newest and heard a distant voice on the wind? That voice which runs deep inside is Mother Nature. She is a mother in ever sense of the word, breathing life wherever she treads; strong, loving, protective. As the queen of fauna, she wears a crown of horns fashioned by her own hand - this makes her instantly recognisable for those who know where to look! The design itself is comparable to celtic swirls and knots, as if vines have woven themselves into metal. Two pearls elegantly drop from the tip of each horn, resembling the fresh dew that she newly lays each morning. Her cape flows around her like water, occasionally revealing her horn of bone detailed again with woven metal and jewels, used to wake the sun each morning ready for a new day. Next time you roam through the forest at dawn.. listen, and you may just hear her call.

Roamer by Emily P.

"How can you sit so still!?" she asks me. I reply with a sigh; I never could keep her in one place. She sits on my shelf making large tutting noises from her stand - she can't wander off that way.

"Can I come down.. just for an hour?" I suppose I feel bad.

Looking at her beautiful winged helmet (which she must have 'borrowed' from some ancient land many moons ago) always intrigues me. Why would she need a helmet? It's not as if she has been in any battles.. then again, I never thought to ask?

"... I'll be good!"

I give in. Again. This essay will never get done! At least this time she leaves me with her telescope - the gems always did make me smile. She'll be back as she always is with a newly discovered object.. on loan of course.

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