By esperanza

My drawing was inspired mainly by Marie Antoinette and French fashion, especially by Sophia Coppola’s movie (2006), which I love and I think it truly reflects the pressure and stress Marie Antoinette lived in those years.

I think it’s really important to take into account and make the people feels interested in the role that clothes used to play in the XVIII century, they were the only mode of expression that women had, and in Marie Antoinette’s case it was the only thing she had, the only thing in which she was completely free to decide.

On the whole, the Baroque and Rococo style is something beautiful that I really like, especially the clothes, they seem fine and elegant, because of their nature inspired shapes and their soft colors.

By esperanza

The anorexia is a very serious problem, and it’s shocking the number of girls that suffer because of this illness, 50% of teenage girls think they're fat, that means that half of all the female teens of the planet could be potential anorexics. The society, the T.V., radio, magazines and sometimes even the parents, put a lot of pressures and ideas on them, about who they have to be and how they have to look, the people make them think that being beautiful is all that matters.

One of my best friends suffered from anorexia, now she’s perfectly fine and I’m so glad she could overcame it, but she went through a lot of horrible problems because of it.

And I know many other girls who are/were anorexic, that inspired me to do this, the society has to be aware of this problem, because they kill a lot of girls each year with their stereotypes about perfection.

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