by Fiona

A phoenix is a mythological bird which is said to be beautiful and have bright and colourful plumage. At the end of it's life it bursts into flames, and from the ashes a new phoenix is born making it immortal.

I chose to join the phoenix to the human form in the style of ballet. For example in dances such as Swan Lake and Firebird women have been turned into birds, however in this doll, instead of having a woman turned into a bird, the phoenix has been trapped and turned into a woman.

The naked doll still has hints towards the phoenix trapped inside, in the form of the feather tattoos on her torso and her head. The costume is the phoenix trying to regain some of it's plumage while trapped in the human form.

The headdress has two braids of silvery white hair, and lots of red feathers representing the crown of the bird, and the dress has a large netted skirt to represent the tail of the bird. The bodice has a bird across the breasts and in the design on the shoes is a small bird on the point.

The phoenix would like nothing more than to be transformed back into a bird and be able to fly free once more, instead of being trapped for it's immortal life in the form of a human woman.

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