Guacolda by Gabriel

It was a beautiful girl of race Mapuche indigenous people of southern Chile, which striking red hair gave him a unique strength and beauty to your figure, contrasted with piercing black eyes and a tan complexion. In Mapudungun, the Mapuche language, its name means kelu or Wa-Wa-Koli, than to Spanish translates as red or red.

The year was 1555 when Lautaro, leader of the Mapuche resistance in the area Arauco and great military strategist, commanding a small group of warriors began to adding walking to Santiago on the way to other insurgents. At dawn Lautaro and his warriors attacked Penco, once again defeating the Spanish. When battle was already won, came a group of courageous women determined to Mapuche take part in the fight, including Guacolda, who brought with him an arrow with a flower at the tip. Lautaro Seeing her was captivated by her beauty and no that nothing takes the spear and asks him to wait, entrusting it to one of the chiefs who accompanied him, while still in pursuit of their enemies.

Then, in celebration of victory and with tribal leaders, Lautaro arranged with the father of Guacolda the details of their union. It was customary for the men pay a dowry to the woman's father. At night, abducted her in Lautaro horse, thus consummating the marriage ceremony of a man and woman, According to custom araucana.

She loved her courage and talent, following in his footsteps with determination and courage to his death. Was with him at the Battle of Mataquito, which had a fatal premonition. That night they were surprised by the Spanish. Lautaro left a hut, with Guacolda bolt in his hand and he died pierced by it. A Despite the death of their leader, the Mapuche were a stubborn resistance. His body was dismembered and his head was displayed in the main square of Santiago de Chile long Spanish impaled on a spear.

For its part, Guacolda was captured by the Spanish and died shortly penalty.

There are historians who argue that Guacolda is a myth. However, Isidora Aguirre, Chilean playwright, he wrote what would be the last words Guacolda: Lautaro, you are here / Lautaro Lautaro'm with you / you conmigo. / You are in me, Lautaro / are present! / We are here to defend your Ground / Your own / The sleeping son. "

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