This drawing represents Hypatia and her astrolabe.

Hypatia is a woman who really existed 15 century ago in Greece: she was a scholar, a philosopher, an astronomer, a physician, and a beautiful woman. She founded a school, an extraordinary event for that time, and all her students loved her. But there was something in her which wasn't good for the society: she wasn't christian and her scientific theories were eretics and intollerable provocations. One night she was assaulted by some christian fanatics, she was blinded with sharp shards not to let her defend and chopped, her rests were burned and spread through the city. We hardly speak about this lady, but she has been a genius and she is my hero. There are a lots of legends about her but there are also liable ancient sources, like "Lexicon" of Suida or the book of Silvia Ronchey, "Hypatia,the true story", which I read, or less trusted elements as the film "Agorà". I had the ispiration some time ago because studing classic authors at high school, and I had the opportunity to know her. I hope to make her story known to a wider audience and to commemorate her with this drawing and these words. For the contest I want to talk about her story as my first project.


With this drawing I would underline the vision of the woman in society, compared to what she actually sees in the mirror. Every woman sees reflected more than one face, but often the most genuine and sincere part revealed itself only to her. A pretty face in a beautiful setting can show and hide many things: emotions, stories, people; but the mirror in this case is the cage which is imposed to women by society and wich doesn't allow her to be free and to show how she really is. I have often asked myself in the mirror: "Who are you? who do you want to become?" and things like that ... and you?

This time I took inspiration from the event made in my country (Italy) by women on 13 feb.2011 "If not now when" against the anti-male view of women, seen only as objects, which television communicates; then I also took inspiration from the Snowhite's witch, from "Syria's song "Reflection" (from the Disney cartoon "Mulan") . For the contest I want to emphasize the mirror, not so much the girl, even if I’d like to see her made as a doll.

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