Theo by Gaynor

The inspiration for my doll comes from my favourite novel “Mademoiselle De Maupin” by Theophile Gautier. Gautier loosely based his novel on the life of the 17th Century French opera singer and swordswoman “Mlle Maupin” real name Julie d'Aubigny.

I have nicknamed my doll “Theo”. Woman of the 17th Century had little freedom so Theo bravely dresses and poses as a man so that she can find out more about men and life. The other Cavaliers think her a pretty boy and she gets teased but they soon learn that she is much tougher than she looks. Theo has amazing equestrian skills, is a formidable opponent when wielding a sword and has an excellent constitution, being able to out sup most men.

Theo is a seductive, sensual creature who appeals to both sexes and is amused by the confusion her masquerade causes. The vines on her body symbolise a connection with nature. The gold corset holds a clue to her real gender, the ruby grapes indicate fertility (ovaries).

I attach “TheoDoll” and “Moodboard” jpegs created by me using Adobe Photoshop.

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