by Giulia

The doll I made is sort of loosely based on some stories I've read about the sun and the moon. I made a doll who is the daughter of the sun and moon she lives on a cliff overlooking the sea. She has long blond hair and dark blue eyes very pale skin with a blue tattoo. She has a tattoo of a bird taking flight in the night sky with stars around it. The bird like her basks in the moon's light. The head dress is symbolic of the sun and how the sun brings life to the plants. Her dress is simple but elegant and loses around her it is held together by a pendent her parents made for her, a sun and moon joining together. She lives alone and watches the moon and sun longing to be together with her parents. She never misses the sun rise and the moon rise so that the first thing she sees in the morning is her father and the last thing she sees at night is her mother.

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