The story of Azzurrina by Giuseppe

In a kingdom of northen Italy, there lived a girl, the daughter of the lord of the castle. Unfortunately the girl was born albino, which at the time meant a sign of Satan. The girl's mothertried to dye her hair, as a result they became blue. For this reason te child was nicknamed Azzurrina. The little princess was always escorted by two guards for her protection. In a June morning , while the girl was playing with her ball, it feel down the stairs leading to the glacier; the guards heard her screams but when they went into the room, the girl was disappeared. Till todayno ones knows what happened. Each anniversary of her disappearance, in the castle you can hear her crying. one night, instead of the girl's voice was heard of a creature that named Belial. Belial according to Christian demonology, was the serpent demon who tempted Eve in Eden, So Azzurrina was kidnapped by the demon who continues to haunt her innocent soul, and this is why we continue to hear her crying. Despite she being kidnapped when she was a child, the appearance of Azzurrina is that of a young girl with childlike face. Her hair is long with hints of blue. Her head is crowned with pearls as well as her waist, beacause the pearl are a symbol of purity. Also her nakedness , in a neoplatonic concept highlights her virtue.So Azzurrina is the symbol of the soul to eternal damnation but compelled by the force of goodness is able to maintain his innocence.For this project I was inspired by the work of Botticelli, for the floral decoration of the coat. The canvas was painted by oils and the measures are 70 cm to 130 cm.

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