by Hane

have this idea for a long time now, it's base on Japanese legends about foxes - kitsune.
Here you can find some information about them:

Well I see her:
- in human form, but with fox ears and tail
- she have an chrysanthemum kanzashi made of gold (
- she have gorgeous maroon kimono with maple (momiji) leaves on it, but only on the bottom of the kimono and sleeves.
- momiji should be stitched with gold yarn (and also other yarn colors) <-- look example of the pattern attached
- she should have kimono with gold lining and obi belt (red with golden chrysanthemums flowers stitched on it) like maiko (young geiko have (really long, colorful and beautiful)
- her eyes should have gold color, but pulip should be brown not black
- she should have very delicate makeup with small red lines near eyes, and lips painted like on the picture.
- also she can have some freckles on her face :)
- her hair should be black and long, with straight bangs (look picture) and on the back should be made in two waves.
- under her kimono with momiji, she should have another one, red with stitched black or white dragonflies
- of course she should have white tabi ( and red/black geta (
- under the line of her kimono you can see her fox tail

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