Panna - forest nymph by Hanna

You may never meet her…
Or you may meet her just once in your life.
She comes when you are not expecting to see her,
And goes when you are not ready to lose her.
She is the spirit of the most remoted ravines
and the most winding streams…
She guards her lands and her golden sheep.
She spins the mist from their diaphanous wool.
She shines her little lights for those who got lost,
And punish those who disturbed her virgin forest…

Panna – is the character of the fairytale my granny told me when I was small. She is the personage of Ukrainian and Polish myths, and is also known as the Queen of the Forest. My granny believed in her and in the fact that the nature is alive, and we are not allowed to ruin it. I have always believed in her too, because she is the best part of my childish dreams, summer stories, Beauty itself.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.