by Helene

I came up with this idea all by myself. I dident really get inspired by art or culture. I thought about something I have never seen someone use before..

My theme is the ocean. I think it would been very interesting.. trying to make a doll that have actually "grown with the ocean".

If a person drowned... and the body will eventually rot, but before that it will start growing life on it. (I dont know..but I saw it on a horror movie when I was a kid. lol)

A doll with sand on her body, A starfish have grown attached to her skin.. a beautiful oyster that maybe contains a pearl. Im thinking about the nature.. the plants, corals, star shell. As a headdress she could been wearing a huge shell. She could have alot of sea flowers in her hair, or the plants that grows on the coral reef could been used as hair. The dress could also been like the waves.. using the colors of blue to green.

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