La Fausta by Hortiu

The inspiration for this doll is from Michel Zevaco's novel La Fausta. Principessa Fausta Borgia is an Italian woman from the 16'th century. She is a member of the Borgia house renowned in Italy for their love for power and the malicious ways they choose to get it. As one of her relatives, she wanted to become the first woman Pope and rule the Catholic Church. She is the best model of femme fatal. Beautiful like an angel and smart unlike the woman of that time, braver than most men. The Fausta I pictured in my mind has deep green eyes and long black curly hair. The outfit I thought as most appropriate is the Popes traditional clothing, the colors I chose are crimson and gold. The corset is made of gold and the papal crown is gold encrusted with ruby gem stones and pearls. I wanted her face to express innocence and determination. For the nude version I drew on her the sign of Christianity that means "Jesus, savior of man"! I also drew stigmata's due to her devotion to God and add a touch of drama and a likeness to the saints. She was considered a Saint by her followers.

Pandora, the witch by Hortiu

She is the representative of the strong witch, wise and master of the destiny, inspired by the characters of Paulo Coelho, who is a great author, and his books are some of my favorite ones. Pandora loves herself and she accepts herself just the way she is, with her flaws and qualities. A woman that accepts death as a natural part of the life circle. She is the woman you want to go to when in doubt of yourself and to learn about accepting life with the good and the bad. Her eyes are black and her hair is scarlet red. The tattoo on her tummy represents a Celtic sign, the tree of life. And the snake on her represents The Uraeus, the serpent emblem found in Egyptian portrayals of Royalty and Deity. It is a symbol of divine authority, representing the Goddess Wedjat as the all seeing eye of Ra, who was believed to protect the Pharaohs by spitting fire, and the emblem of the Lower Kingdom of Egypt. According to legend, the Cobra was given to the pharaohs as a sign of kingship by the God Geb.

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