by Iga

The first painting was made with acrylic paints and crumbled dry pastels.

Format of the painting: 40cm x 60cm

My inspiration for this painting was a Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale called “A Little Siren”. The painting presents two princesses of underwater world. The first one is called “Indecision”, a pensive girl, who can’t make a decision to live on the land, or to stay in the underwater world.

The second one is called “Curiosity”, a young woman, who curiously monitor a sounds, which came from the land.

Background of the painting makes up a barrier, which looks like a gate, which shares out two worlds: underwater, mystical world and terrestrial, real world.

Combination of pastel colours in a composition of numerous ornaments creates a fabulous vibe of the underwater world.

The second painting was made with acrylic paints and crumbled dry pastels, I also used a decorative beads.

Format of the painting: 50cm x 70cm

Construction of a crown is made with pieces of a shell, decorated with pearls and treasures of the sea. Inspiration for this crown was one of Your designs – Aisha (

A dress refers to underwater animals – sleeves bring to mind a jellyfish, furthermore, the dress is decorated with gemstones, which create an ornament, which looks like an octopus.

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