by invisigothgrrrl

The reviled monster of legend, she dwells at the center of the great Labyrinth. They call her Beast or Nightmare, but she was once much like them; an innocent maid of rare beauty. She was vain enough to rebuff the amorous advances of the jealous God who cursed her to this place. Her torment is eternal; she cannot fight the rage or the lust in her blood for those who try to flee. She is charged to the endless pursuit of those unfortunate enough to enter her underground realm.

She wears a crown of long, sinuous, polished silver horns set with rubies atop her head, her raven hair held back in a twisted chignon. Her stormy eyes glitter gold, and a delicate silver hoop pierces her septum; a cruel reminder that she is a slave to the whims of a vengeful deity. On her feet, silver slippers shaped like hooves echo ominously off the walls of the maze as she stalks her prey. A dark tattoo in the shape of a bull's tail curls lazily down her left leg and around her neck on a silver chain, a highly stylized silver bull's head inlaid with rubies.

She is the Minotaur.

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