Anne Boleyn by Iris

"Through endless night she walks alone, never stopping, never resting, weeping for her daughter. She is lost in the shadows, swallowed by her inner universe, shattered to a million pieces reflecting bits and pieces. She stumbles in her dress, once dark gray, now pale and faded, but doesn't stop. Her black hair loose, blending into the eternal darkness. Once lavishly decorated, no jewels adorn her now, her neck bare and defenseless. Once the most happy, she now forever mourns her heart, left in the hands of that the most beloved, the one who took it all. In this dark void, the nowhere place, she weeps for her lost child, life and love.

She is the shadow of Anne Boleyn."

Anne Boleyn was a woman in her own right, strong, intelligent and charismatic, a queen by her own right. In my mind she wanders as a lost soul, strong and yet shattered though I hope the truth is that she rests in peace.

I added a painting that is supposedly of Anne Boleyn. There is no certainty to it since with the great London fire, all original paintings of her were lost and there are only later works, copies of originals or fiction, nobody knows.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.