Canis lupus by Isabella

The wolf has quite a bad reputation. She stalks about, killing and feeding on poultry, sheep and innocent little children. Mostly she ends up being killed. But not in one story. Little Peter went out one day to catch the wolf. He suceeded only after the wolf had eaten a duck which was a dear little confused chatterbox. With the help of a small bird he caught the "big bad wolf" and instead of killing her, brings her to a zoo. All the while you can still here the duck complaining in her stomach.

The story of "Peter and the wolf" was one of my childhood favourites. Not only the music and the characters enchanted me, but the fact that they let the wolf live! Canis lupus is wearing handcuffs to demonstrate that her freedom has been taken but her life has been granted. It's up to her to decide whether she is fine with that. The bird tatoo will always remind her of the small fiend who helped with the catching, the duck of her last meal in freedom. I guess, if let free, she would roam around in the woods and not go near people again.

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