The Dream by Izabella

This story is kind of dark, but it’s true. I heard my grandfather telling this story many times, in my childhood. It’s about his father, who had a strange dream one night. He said one morning, that in his dream a very beautiful girl appeared before him, and she had in her hands 4 flowers, she didn’t say anything, she just silently gave the flowers to the old man. My great-grandfather said to his family: “Those flowers mean 4 days – you will see I only have 4 days to live, because that woman was the Angel of Death.” Nobody believed him, but after 4 days he never woke up in the morning – he died in his sleep…

When I heard the story I always imagined a young woman with very long, but grey hair, dressed in white. I tried drawing her before, years ago, but now I tried to make her look like an Enchanted Doll.

The Fairy by Izabella

Most people imagine fairies to be small little creatures, with wings, who are always happy and funny and they do childish things, they live in the woods or in the fields of flowers. But here, where I live, my people don’t see fairies that way. We have our own legends about them. Our stories say that the fairies live near old ruins of castles or ancient fortifications or in the mountains. When a fairy appears, she appears as a very beautiful girl, and she only comes out in front of young men, who are wandering alone in those places. She tells the men that there is a hidden treasure nearby, in a cave or under the ruins, and she tries to convince them to follow her. The men are easily convinced because she is very beautiful, and she is covered with jewelry. If somebody follows her in the cave, then that man soon realizes that everything she told was a lie, and that they are trapped there, from the cave there is no way out. They are trapped there for eternity, in pitch black, between this world and another.

The picture that I draw is showing the evil fairy in the moments when she reveals her true form – the color of her hair starts to change from blonde to black, her eyes darken, her clothes change into rags, and even her jewelry appears to be fake – it’s the moment when her victims realizes that he fell in a trap and there is no way out.

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