The Return by Jacqui

I am not artistic in the traditional sense of the word. I cannot draw or paint or sculpt I have been told that I am a good writer, and have some talent in the garden and with photography. I am going to attempt to weave these together to present my idea for an Enchanted Doll who I call, “The Return”.

The focus of my garden and my plant selection revolves around creating a habitat for butterflies. Through years of trial and error, I learned what will work in various spots and what won’t, but when I get it right, my yard in the spring, summer and into fall becomes a place of tranquility and small pockets of beauty. My plants now host many varieties of caterpillars who turn into moths and butterflies.

Recently I read an article about a native Florida butterfly that was thought to be extinct, but has made a return, the Hemiargus thomasi or, more commonly known as “Miami Blue”.

Photo by J. Glassberg

Due to destruction of its natural habitat (like so many threatened species), this butterfly all but disappeared and by the late 1980’s was only found in the Florida Keys.

By 1992, only a single colony remained in Key Biscayne and then one of the largest storms struck southern Florida. When Hurricane Andrew roared onto the southern shores of Florida’s east coast in the early dawn hours of August 24, 1992, the last of the Miami Blues were thought to have been destroyed.

But this little beauty proved hardy and in 1999, another colony of the Miami Blue was found. While not extinct, this little survivor is still endangered, but having survived what was, until 2005, the storm of the century, this little beauty exemplifies the wonder and strength of how Mother Nature continues to survive and return.

Photo by J. Glassberg

This is my inspiration for an Enchanted Doll. The beauty and hope and return of little pieces of nature that continue to persevere despite all challenges, captured and celebrated forever in the wonderous beauty of an Enchanted Doll.

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