Enchanted Deer by Jade

I was inspired initially by the concept of "birthday" - then a more seasonal nature context of spring. Spring is the season of renewal and re-birth in nature, I wanted to convey something fresh, bright, hopeful, and graceful. The draping beads in white convey little budding growths, while the colorful beads represent the next stage of fruitfulness. I chose silver for the horns and decorative items because it seems to me the freshest metal, where bronze, copper or gold would seem to match later seasons better. I chose deer to pull elements from because of the general grace of seasonal significance they hold. Aside from the opulence of many Enchanted Dolls, I also was inspired by the fanciful and elaborate works of Kay Nielson and the nature-based and form-centric work of Cooper.

I am attaching my design for a doll and accessories, as well as photos that I have taken at parks around Seattle, WA during springtime.

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